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HEX BOMB is a punk rock dyke living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She makes sick porn art, zines, music, & more!

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Drawing of Minerva Vile, a spooky and cool mad scientist, illuminated by purple lightning.

This page is an ONLINE ABATTOIR of PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENT created by me, HEX BOMB. AKA Scotland's MISS MASTERSTROKE herself! Here you will be able to find find porn comics, commissioned art & illustrations from me, as well as political writing & zines.

I'm firmly of the belief that PORN IS POLITICAL just as all art is political, & I hope it comes across in my work.

Check out my RSS Feed to stay updated on the latest additions to this site! Also check out my Links page to see links to my friends and more.

So watch this space for more from the #1 dyke bitch online cursing yr screen!


13/03/2023 More new art in the gallery!

Check it out! It includes an art of a friend's final fantasy character and a lady lustre & Rosette one.

13/03/2023 New blog post about TGTF

I added two new arts! Check them out here and here!

09/03/2023 New blog post about TGTF

I added a blogpost about TGTF. Read it here: click!

09/03/2023 Added a new piece of art with Lady Lustre!

Added a new piece of art with a supervillain OC I made. I'll likely give her her own page here soon. Check it out here.

06/03/2023 Fanart & Art of my GF and my Chars!

I've added a piece of fanart drawn by Zoquete to the Callgirls page. Also check out these new pieces with Ella & Erica!

8/02/2023 The Callgirls Page...

I've added a new page for some strange little ocs... Look at it to find out who they are! How exciting.

14/01/2023 New widget! Check out my webring!

I've joined the Adult Artist Webring! We're a group of artists with our own sites. I highly recommend having a look around, if you can.

14/01/2023 New Art! A commission I did some time ago!

Drew this! It's just a small commissioned art I made some time ago, but it's still quite fun.

13/01/2023 New Art! Wiggles!

Added some pieces of my SS13 character, and a nice intimate art for my GF and I. I may write a blog post later today, we'll see. Check it out! And this one, too.

02/05/2022 New Art! A commission for Katie the Angel Witch!

Added an artwork for Katie the Angel witch! Check it out! I also increased my commission rates.

01/05/2022 New Art! Priscilla of the Wall!

I've added a brand new drawing of a brand new OC to the gallery Here! My commissions are also FULL for now. I'll post on my RSS Feed when they're open once more... Expect a bunch of new art soon, paid for by YOU!!
I've just finished one of the commissions, so you'll get to see some brand new art later tonight.
I've also started adding some Metadata to my page... All this SEO stuff is really complicated. It's not good honestly.

26/04/2022 Updated my commission page!
You can check it out here! Please give me money. They didn't end up taking me at the pub job.
I also added some art to the gallery, which you can see Here! It's a new one that I don't think I've posted on socials.
19/04/2022 Added another old TF sequence that I like..
You can find it Here! Leave a comment if you like it.
I've got a new job at a pub, but I wanted to upload some art before my first shift. Wish us luck.
18/04/2022 Added an old tf sequence! Might upload more old art daily? We'll see.
You can find it Here. Remember to follow my shiny new RSS Feed to be notified when I update the site!
Oh yeah, I also added a redirect script which SHOULD redirect you to a page which asks if you're 18 or not the first time you come to the site! I hope it works.
I want to add more folks and links onto my friends page soon... I'm really happy with the cute little pics I'm doing for them, but I'd also very much like to add some of my fave resources... Also maybe a contact page lol... and a finished commissions page... and and and --

10/04/2022 Comments, Comics, and Updates!

Added a comments system, which HOPEFULLY will allow folks to add comments to blog posts and gallery images on the site. I've also added an RSS Feed which will be updated when I add new stuff. Also, check out the new art I added here!

02/03/2022 We're live (kind of!)

The site is live... but people still can't see this message!
Basically, the deploy bot isn't quite working yet, so the site only updates when that's done manually. That hasn't stopped me from working on it, though!
I've added a WIP commissions page + some links to a couple of my friends. I also added some social buttons to the side... Though the kofi one might not work as they're being puritanical cowards lately lol.

07/02/2022 Hello world!

Welcome one and all to my website! It’s still not actually live, so only I am reading this right now… unless you’re somehow on my computer.
I’ve added most of the main pages to the site, as well as some cute buttons, a blog post, and some links to friends of mine.
Also, I added a site updates tab! You’re reading it!
Tune in here for future updates. Even if something isn’t a big enough deal to go on my RSS, I’ll put it here any time I update something.


Commission status: Open!

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